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Hypermobility Program

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Movement: 126 exercise videos with medically illustrated anatomy paintings, 80 massage & stretching videos, and 100 + progressive workouts

Nutrition: (What we eat impacts how we feel and many hypermobile individuals also struggle with some GI issues)

Restoration: (resources for improving sleep quality, stress management, etc)

Mindset: Educational videos to support your journey. (this is SO important!)

Body tool kit: (This includes quick relief massages, stretches, and anatomy education)

Expert interviews: (we will be adding to this section as we continue to bring in experts to interview- we will also be sourcing some of the questions from our community for the interviews)

Private community access to other individuals like yourself where we will conduct live coaching calls. The community is a great place to share your progress, upload videos of your movements, and receive support and encouragement from your community. 

Survival Guide: The survival guide covers some quick tips on ADLs (activities of daily living). Think gardening, parenting, cleaning, carrying items, etc, in a way that won’t leave you hurting for days. 

Co-Issues: There are a few things that like to pop up in hypermobile folks (not everyone of course, but many). We dive into Mast cell, Dysautonomia, POTS, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, and the psychological challenges that can accompany navigating hypermobility. 

Our experiences: We share our experiences with hypermobility and the diagnostic process for hEDS.